our company

DV UVIRMA LTD. is engaged in development, manufacturing and sales of banknote processing devices for diverse cash handling applications. The company is widely recognized as one of the world’s best providers of banknote recognition, counterfeit detection and fitness detection technologies.



DV UVIRMA utilizes its proprietary patented technology for adhesive tape detection, customized high resolution / high speed multicolor UV CIS and cost effective Magnetic Imaging technology.

Machine Learning and AI Technologies

Allows to recognize the most sophisticated counterfeits while keeping the false reject very low even for highly mutilated and unfit banknotes State-of-the -Art algorithms ensure highly consistent Fitness detection and absolutely precise recognition of Serial Numbers printed on highly non-uniform background.

Heavy Duty

Highly reliable, strong and stable mechanism allows flawless and almost jam-free processing of damaged and highly deteriorated banknotes that makes our products indespensible for heavy duty operations in cash center environment.


Our strong multidisciplinary engineering team enjoys over 130 years of combined experience in the field of automatic banknote recognition and currency processing and is working over 15 years together.